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In our dry cleaning process, we will do are best to provide a service for virtually all items of clothing, whether it’s everyday wear or special garments such as wedding dresses or formal wear.

The service we provide will ensure your garments are professionally cleaned with a premium hand finish to keep your clothes looking as good as new. Each garment will receive a thorough individual garment appraisal, complete with a full de-linting service.

You can rest assured that every item of your wardrobe will receive special care , not only cleaning and refreshing the item, but also making sure that it looks and feels fresh from the store. Our deep knowledge of fabric and texture ensures the best results, both in terms of cleanliness and look.

The more we get acquainted with each customer, the more tailored our approach.



The cleaning of leather is a craft practiced by skilled artisans. We defer to our own specialists who carefully grade and inspect each garment prior to cleaning. Unlike cleaning normal fabrics the cleaning of leather requires extensive work post cleaning to restore the garment to it’s original condition. 

During cleaning the oils within leather garments are removed. Part of the processing involves re-oiling the skin to keep it supple. During re-oiling the skin can become a few shades darker. For this reason you should always clean garments that are part of a set together.

We would strongly advise all our customers to choose a specialist leather cleaner – we have too many horror stories of what happens when customers entrust their treasured leather garments to dry cleaners who are not familiar with the appropriate methods.


Why not re-upholster those items that you love?

  • Better for the environment

  • Vintage/ Retro style pieces are frequently better made

  • Makes the items you have unique

  • Almost endless choice of fabric & leather

  • Cheaper than buying like for like furniture


What services can we offer?

  • Free home visit with suggestions on how to restore your items

  • Collect furniture and take to our studio for restoration

  • Remove old fabric and upholstery

  • Framework checked and repaired if required



We offer a bespoke carpet cleaning service for any type of carpet, from woven to shag, and everything in between. Our expert carpet cleaners provide a professional and speedy service, all using eco-friendly methods.


So, whether you need an end-of-tenancy deep clean, want to freshen things up, or just get rid of a stubborn stain. Stitch & Clean can sort you out today.

"Went to Stitch & Clean to get a dress altered, and they were able to fit me despite my very last-minute notice which was so helpful. Amazing service, I was even suggested shoes that would go nicely with the dress. Can't wait to see what it looks like!"
"Excellent service from Renzo, I’d definitely recommend to anyone needing alterations done. I took in a poorly fitting off-the-shelf suit and he turned it around to a perfect made to measure suit within a week! Great work and all round experience including advice on best shoes, shirt and cuff links to pair with the suit for an upcoming event.."
“I absolutely recommend this tailor shop to anyone in need. The tailor is very considerate and thoughtful, offering alternation suggestions based on your needs. You can trust your clothes with this shop.

The shop has a lovely atmosphere that makes you feel safe and welcomed. Definitely is my go-to tailor from now on..”


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